5 Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath Naturally

Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

Aromatic or strong-smelling drinks commonly cause alcohol breath, however it may also be brought on by overindulgence. Anyone who overindulges in any type of alcoholic beverages, whether it is hard liquor, wine, or beer, will have the same smelling alcohol breath, because in each case alcohol has seeped into their system. If your breath smells like alcohol, here are some ways to make freshen up your breath and get rid of alcohol breath.

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause bad breath in 3 ways:

The drink’s odor.

That which you eat and drink will make its way into the cells and tissues of one’s mouth, throat, and the rest of one’s digestive system. Alcohol has a pretty strong odor that can mingle with saliva and the cells of your digestive system, and trigger poor breath.


Alcohol can draw out the water and moisture material from a number of the cells and tissues in your mouth and tongue. It may also dry out and numb your salivary glands. Alcoholics don’t make enough saliva to keep their mouths moist. A dry mouth, or not creating enough saliva, can cause halitosis making it hard to get rid of alcohol breath.

The beginnings of fermentation.

For alcoholics who have been drinking highballs for a lengthy time, the alcohol might have constructed up enough to trigger food and cells to ferment. Fermentation is the very same procedure utilized to make alcoholic drinks like wine and beer. A chronic alcoholic’s breath will smell specifically like the beverage she or he is dependent on.

Watch What You Drink

If you are out for a night of drinking but do not want smelly breath, here are some ways to get rid of alcohol breath:

Do not mix drinks.

Your breath is going to smell like your beverage no matter what. The ideal solution to prevent this challenge is to stick to one drink you choose, and consume that all through the party. Different drinks have diverse odors. When these odors mingle, you’re likely to get all sorts of funky smells in your mouth.

Don’t drink aromatic drinks.

Drinks infused with spices, herbs, and other substances generally possess a stronger odor than normal liquor or beer. There is no harm in attempting a number of shots of an exotic drink, but be sure the odor of the drink isn’t too strong.

Drink Responsibly.

When you drink an excessive amount, you’ll wind up smelling exactly like that which you consumed. Don’t consume hard liquor or cocktails that have a very powerful alcohol scent if you are concerned about how to get rid of alcohol breath.

Eating habits:

A reason why lots of bars and drinking spots serve complimentary peanuts and supply snacks at a fairly low price so you remain full while drinking so you don’t have to worry about get rid of alcohol breath. Food absorbs the excess alcohol you drink to ensure that it does not damage or irritate your stomach lining. Food also stimulates the creation of saliva, which prevents your mouth and tongue cells from getting dehydrated and will help you get rid of alcohol breath.

Chewing Gum

One dependable technique to get rid of alcohol breath is to chew gum. Chewing gum could make your salivary glands create additional saliva than candy, due to the chewing movement necessary to eat it. Any sort of chewing gum will do, but right here are two productive chewing gum kinds that will best get rid of alcohol breath:

Sour fruit-flavored gum.

Sour gum can stimulate your salivary glands with its sour flavor. Anytime you could, get as sour a gum as you’ll be able to deal with. The taste will make you cringe, however the sourness will ultimately go away the lengthier you chew it and will get rid of alcohol breath.
Mint gum.

Mint-flavored gum is normally employed as a breath freshener and breath deodorizer. Chew the gum using the strongest menthol flavor available to get rid of alcohol breath.


When you wake up after a night of drinking you are likely feeling hung over and dehydrated and a longing to get rid of alcohol breath. This dehydration often leads to a dry mouth and bad breath Make sure to drink at least two tall glasses of water to reduce many of the hang over side effects, including that dry mouth and bad breath.

Brush, Floss, and Gargle:

The very best approach to get rid of alcohol breath would be to brush, floss, and gargle immediately before you to bed or when wake up the next morning. If you had eaten or drank a lot, microbes and food particles are in our mouth and causing odors, and possibly some decay. If you are a heavy drinker you need to pay better attention to your oral hygiene and get rid of alcohol breath.

Brush for an extra two minutes. Just take the additional time to brush out what you are able to of alcohol residue and alcohol-soaked food from your teeth. Alcohol can corrode the enamel coating your teeth which will make it harder to get rid of alcohol breath.

Floss. Pay unique attention to food particles stuck in between your teeth. It is best to use unwaxed dental floss if you want to get rid of alcohol breath.
Use mouthwash. After you have finished brushing your teeth, you should rinse and gargle with mouthwash. Don’t use complete strength mouthwash if it is made up of alcohol because you will only wind up aggravating and irritating the dehydrated cells within your mouth making it more difficult to get rid of alcohol breath. Instead, use 2 capfuls of alcohol-based mouthwash for every 4 capfuls of drinking water.
Get Rid of Alcohol Breath


Drink Responsibly if you want to reduce your need to get rid of alcohol breath. If you drink too much, trying to get rid of alcohol breath may be the least of your problems. Alcohol breath is frequently a sign that something is wrong with your liver or your digestive system. Drink in moderation and drink responsibly to steer clear of stomach liver disease, stomach cancer, or cirrhosis. For those who consistently find themselves having to get rid of alcohol breath, consult your physician.