5 Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Chipmunks: Humane Ways

Get Rid Of Chipmunks

It is difficult to have violent thoughts against furry little critters like chipmunks. But when your landscaped garden seems like someone’s notion of the garden shoot-out, it is time to get down and dirty. When these furry critters have claimed your garden as their playground and blocked your pipes with their fur balls, it is time to get rid of them. Naturally, understanding your enemy will give you plenty of benefits. But just before waging an all-out chipmunk extermination marketing campaign, here is the lowdown of your furry foes and new ways to Get rid of Chipmunks.

Obtaining Chipmunk Troubles?

They might appear like tree-living squirrels with their tiny noses, puffed cheeks, and bushy tails, but chipmunks aren’t infant squirrels. Believe it or not, the two are diverse but connected animals. Chipmunks are ground squirrels; they are the burrowing cousins from the larger tree-climbing species. This explains the pockmarked appear of the garden good deal. These furry critters dug and build their shelters underground. This is what sets them besides their tree-loving relatives, which invest the majority of their time in trees.

Apart from their selection of actual estate and relative smallness, chipmunks vary from their cousins by possessing identifying stripes. Chipmunks are distinguished by two broad black stripes that run from the tops of their heads to their rounded rumps. This will be the most telltale indicator that the critter chewing your spring flower bulb is a chipmunk. That, along with the shrill “chip chip” retort they make whenever you dash out at them together with your newspaper in hand.

Methods to Control Chipmunk:

Just before deciding on how to get rid of chipmunks, it is critical to discover their behavior. Chipmunks are mighty eaters. They invest their life consuming, foraging, and storing foods. What’s the important thing to getting rid of chipmunks? It is locating out what chipmunks eat. Chipmunks eat every little thing from grass to your pizza crusts. Their primary diet typically consists of fungi, vegetation, nuts, grains, seeds, as well as the occasional insect.

If worse involves worst, chipmunks are also recognized to catch tiny birds and small rodents like shrews although they don’t actively search for these hardy protein resources; they are material to search the ground for edible finds. Chipmunks are not born to become climbers, but they have been observed climbing roofs, poles, trees, and bird feeders to collect seeds, acorns and nuts.

Aside from food, chipmunks can also be wary of very open spaces, which is not shocking given that they reside underground. They often remain within shaded areas seeking for food simultaneously. Their burrows are generally built in the shade of solid issue like a tree stump or your porch. Inside your bid to eradicate chipmunks, these are two weaknesses you must exploit to place a finish to your chipmunk problems.

Readers Tip

Several visitors have had good results using the “bucket technique.” Here’s the authentic tip from Jonathan: “You can obtain a bucket of drinking water and float sunflower seeds to the top. Make a ramp to get to the bucket. It is a foolproof method: the chipmunk cant get out.”

Ways to Get Rid Of Chipmunks:

Now that you simply know their weaknesses, it is time for you to place your knowledge into action. As a lot as these furry critters wreak havoc within your garden, one can hardly feel of shooting them into extinction. There are numerous other methods to get rid of chipmunks so be creative.

An inexpensive chipmunk control device would be to keep a pet. Inside the urban jungle, cats could be a powerful (and fuzzy) weapon in opposition to these feisty fur balls. If you like to be adventurous, take your choice from badgers, weasels or hawks. They are the all-natural predators of chipmunks. They stalk their prey within the shade and the inadequate chipmunk won’t have any thought of what happened until finally it hits the predator’s tummy.

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For the much less morbid choice, live chipmunk traps are powerful elimination tools, which are sold in most hardware shops. You can get a few comfy measurement traps and just add seeds, nuts, oats or whatever your chipmunk fancies. Procure the traps in shaded places or wherever your enemy often hangs out. Endurance just isn’t even necessary due to the fact that where there is food chipmunks will arrive. As soon as the chipmunk is trapped, generate for the far aspect of city and let the critters out. Better yet, drop them off inside the nearest national park.

If these methods don’t work, just give these fur balls a taste of their own medicine. The trick to obtaining these chipmunks to leave your place willingly would be to restrict their food render. You do not have to strip your garden bare; just spray pepper spray or scorching sauce on your vegetation along the locations where your furry friend stays and surely, they’ll move out.


Nonetheless, if these tricks do not work, your chipmunks really are a hardy bunch. Just dial pest manage and make investments inside a professional chipmunk extermination program. Now, that is a foolproof strategy to get rid of chipmunks.