3 Ways to Get Rid Of Dandelions Naturally

get rid of dandelions

Dandelions are actually desirable throughout spring season. As one of the first plants to develop during the start in the spring year, dandelions offer meals for many good insects, that includes ladybugs. This assists in managing the damage that may be induced by other pests. Also, dandelions have fleshy roots that aid in enriching the soil.

Dandelions, also referred to as yellow gowans, peasant’s cloaks and Irish daisies, are wholesome natural crops. They have been employed to treat diabetes since the Middle Ages. Dandelion extract can also be used as a mild laxative. Dandelion roots may also be an excellent source of latex, which can be used to create rubber.

get rid of dandelions

Regardless of their attraction and rewards, they are regarded as pests and many people try to get rid of dandelions from their lawns. Like other perennial weeds, dandelions can develop rapidly from these plant leftovers, furthermore for the light and feathery seeds that get blown within the wind. Dandelions will also be extremely persistent, as they are able to endure for quite a few years. In order to have a nice lawn, it is important to get rid of dandelions.

Getting rid of dandelions on the lawn or garden requires a fantastic amount of effort and persistence. Don’t despair, having said that, it isn’t as hard to get rid of dandelions as it is to rid of other pests inside the lawn or backyard. Contrary to the tips of many, there is certainly no need for herbicides.

Below are some ways you can get rid of dandelions on your lawn:

Mow Your Lawn

The top time for you to mow your lawn to get rid of dandelions patches is when they are in bloom. Exert a lot more time and effort in mowing your lawn or garden frequently. Mowing will prevent the dandelion blossoms from maturing into seeds, which may distribute and make much more dandelion patches.

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Dig In and Root Them Out

Like other weeds, dandelions do not die by being pulled out from the soil which is why it is so hard to get rid of dandelions. What’s required is actually a deep-seated rooting out that damages the root system of the entire patch. It is possible to use a dandelion digger, which could eliminate the dandelions from the roots though retaining the soil minimally disturbed.

Prior to digging and trying to get rid of dandelions, completely water the soil. Digging will make the soil softer and looser, making it easier to pull out the dandelions from their roots. Using the dandelion diggers that price among $10 to $30, you might be all set to obtaining a dandelion-free lawn or backyard.

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