5 Ways to Get Rid Of Squirrels Humanely

While squirrels are usually perceived as cute and harmless, they are frequently the cause of property damage. They cause damage by gnawing things and they love to create holes by chewing on the sidings of homes.

Squirrels are also the primary culprits of bird feeder disturbances. They steal the bird seeds, and not infrequently, ruin the feeder itself. If you have flower gardens and manicured lawns, be careful as they really like to dig into these kinds of gardens in search of nuts.

Ways to Get Rid Of Squirrels

Know Thy Enemy (Learn to Get Rid Of Squirrels):

A lot of squirrels are pretty diligent in searching for nests in the course of their breeding year and they love to eat seeds, difficult fruits, buds of elms, maples, mushrooms and garden fruits. If the abundance of meals is low, they feed on barks of trees, shrubs and occasionally even insects. Here’s how to evict them safely and efficiently:

Slippery When Piped:

You might have to find how the furry rodents entered your home. You must slit a 2-foot long PVC pipe (these orange or blue plastic pipes)over the wire where they journey. The pipe will destabilize the culprit’s footing when they make an effort to cross it.

Trim The Trees To Get Rid Of Squirrels:

Should you have a home full of redwoods, it is most effective to get these machetes and do some trimming. Trim the branches of your trees.

Get Rid Of Squirrels By Making Their Lives Difficult

Go to your local hardware store and request for the squirrel baffle. They are gadgets you may affix on your bird feeders to provide the squirrels a challenging time to attain the seeds. These are fantastic products and must be utilized correctly for it to function. If you’re about to place this on the pole, place the baffle at the least five ft in the ground.

Something reduce than that and also the squirrel might basically leap on best of it, defeating its purpose. If you want these baffles which could be hanged, be certain you hang them no less than ten feet away through the squirrel’s launching pad like tree trunks, home, fence, shed, chair, you obtain notion. Some well-known squirrel buffers are Arundel, Aspects, Droll Yankees, and Eva.


Keeping your location clean is essential. There is absolutely nothing more squirrels appreciate than leftovers from pet trays, so to get rid of squirrels you must keep clean.

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Get Rid Of Squirrels With Traps

If all else fails and squirrels are practically swooning down on you want an ideal storm, it is time for you to resort to reside trapping! There are actually really good trapping contraptions marketed within the market like Havahart Live Trap, amongst other people.

You can use any type of bait but most suggest peanut butter. To be able to use peanut butter with minimal mess, spread it on the cracker prior to you place it inside the booby entice. When you caught the little rascals, you can start relocating them so far as you can to get rid of squirrels. Squirrels have an uncanny feeling of odor.

  • Don’t feed them. If you feed them, they will come. …
  • Remove what attracts them. The sight and smell of fallen fruit, nuts and seeds lures squirrels.
  • Repel them
  • Scare them
  • Spray them
  • Exclude them
  • Deter them
  • Plant flowers squirrels hate.