6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Humanely

Stink bug overview:

Some bugs literally stink. If you’ve been unlucky enough to bother a number of these bugs, then you definitely know just what kind of unpleasant smell awaits you. There’s nothing like a rancid almond scent to drive away insects (and humans) away from you. The worst component is the fact that the odor usually will take some time to go away, even after multiple washings.

Get Rid Of stink bugs

Stink bugs are members of a family of insects referred to as Pentatomidae, from the Greek word meaning “five sections”. Shield bugs are another member of this family. They can generally be identified by their five-segmented antenna (which is where their family name comes from), a four-segmented beak, and 3 tarsal segments. When viewed from above, the bug’s shape is usually shield-like.

When disturbed, these stink bugs emit a pungent liquid that accounts for the source of their familiar scent or “stink”. They use this as their main technique of driving away predators.

The odors may also be some kind of homing beacon for them to use the next time they choose to escape the cold winter season; in fact, these bugs usually start to mark their presence during the colder months of fall.

Stink bug Habits:

It’s this type of habits that tends to make stink bugs pests. When the cold period comes, they typically discover shelter in places where you can find lots of light and warmth in order to hibernate. Unfortunately, for most folks, their home is usually the best candidate for a stink bug’s lodging needs.

Even though stink bugs don’t aggressively assault people, they are huge, they’re unsightly, and when they are not within your property, they are in your gardens producing a mess in your flowers so it is important to get rid of stink bugs.

The most important suggestion to remember when dealing with stink bugs: do not, under any circumstances, squash them. In the event you do, then the stink that is released will be much worse and powerful than normal and it could be difficult to remove on whatever surface you happened to squash them on. It is advised, then, that as considerably as feasible, make an effort to keep the stink bug intact when trying to get rid of them.

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4 Techniques to get rid of stink bugs:

Seal your home effectively to get rid of stink bugs.

The best method to get rid of stink bugs from your property is to deny them entry. Thoroughly inspect the exterior of the home and be sure that there are not any cracks or holes that the bugs may possibly use to sneak inside.

Place screens in your windows and doors, and for those that already have them, verify to determine that they do not have any holes. Most cracks can typically be discovered near windows, doors, utility pipes, powering chimneys, or underneath wood fascia.

In the event you do see any cracks or holes, cover them up with boards or, better yet, use a cement sealant. Sealants are much better because they adapt to the hole’s shape, and that means you do not need to have any boards sticking out of you home’s interior or exterior walls. Make sure that you do this prior to the stink bugs arrival, which is typically during the end of drop when nights become cold.

Treat the outside of one’s home with chemical repellents to get rid of stink bugs.

The most effective time to do this can be throughout autumn, just before they start to migrate within your house. Spray the encompassing area and the outside of your house with cypermethrin. It’s a man-made compound that’s mainly utilized as an insecticide.

In insects, it is a fast-acting neurotoxin. Even though it is quickly degraded when used on soils and vegetation, when utilized indoors on inert surfaces, it could be effective for weeks. Use a sprayer to spray the chemical substances.

Considering that a stink bug’s outer skin is tough and might not be simply vulnerable to regular sprays, use what is referred to as a “spreader sticker”. The sticker will enable the pesticide to penetrate considerably faster. Spray the remedy up as high as possible outside your home and permit it to drip down for total and thorough protection.

A well-sprayed area will present an invisible wall of defense that the stink bugs won’t have the ability to penetrate. Most houses will demand two to three gallons of the spray in order to obtain excellent protection, so it’s up to you whether it’s worth it to get rid of stink bugs.

Use vacuum cleaners to get rid of stink bugs from your home.

Vacuum cleaners do far more than just suck dirt and cobwebs; they are also successful at sucking those pesky stink bugs that managed to gain entry into your home. Make certain, that once you have sucked all of them in, instantly seal the bag and throw them someplace far away. If you squash them when they are within the bag you should throw the bag in a landfill to get rid of stink bugs. Keeping a bag full of squashed stink bugs might not be wise to keep around the home.

Contact an expert pest controller if you are having trouble to get rid of stink bugs.

If there are just too many of the pests and you cannot handle all of them, or if you don’t have time or are afraid to get rid of them yourself, then obtain the services of an expert. A certified pest controller will be able to fully safeguard your house from the pests by securing all of the widespread locations the stink bugs typically enter. They may possibly also know of methods to greater control the stink bugs. What is even better that you do not have to acquire any unique equipment to fully safeguard your home.



Most people have invested a lot into their homes, and their homes should not be infested with stink. That’s why pests like stink bugs needs to be driven away from your home. True, they may possibly be predators of other pests, but do not be misled by this thinking.

They’re only predatory for as long as the nearby population of insect foods are present. Even so, they’ll easily resort to local vegetation as soon as these run out. Keep in mind: a couple of stink bugs will not be harmful. When they start to increase in number then you are pretty much “stunk”.