3 Ways to Get Rid of Stray Cat Naturally

Stray and feral cats have become an annoying predicament in the current decades – now outnumbering the domesticated cat population. Stray cats are cats that have become separated from their owners, and feral cats are cats that were born in the wild – and are often wary of people. how to Get Rid of Stray Cat is a big issue.

Get Rid of Stray Cat

How to get rid of a stray cat if you encounter it?

Do not approach it – although rare, stray and feral cats can spread diseases via a simple scratch. If you get bitten or scratched by a stray or feral cat, try to capture the feline and bring it to the doctor with you so it can be tested for rabies and you can be tested and immunized for other diseases so it is important to get rid of stray cats.

Get rid of stray cats

If you’ve currently made contact with the cat in question and it is affable – you need to get it to the vet to get it tested for illness, immunized, and spayed or neutered (for those who plan on making it your own). I would also recommend you check out your neighborhood library and pick out a good book on domesticating stray cats to get rid of stray cats.

How to get rid of stray cats

Garden centers generally have products that claim to get rid of stray cats. Sprays, predator urine, ultrasonic devices…you could spend your money on these things and give them a try, however the bulk of people today who’ve used these things say they do not function. Right here is a list of a few of the most generally touted successful strategies of ridding your property of stray cats.

• This possibly goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Don’t feed them. Look about your neighborhood and ensure that none of the neighbors are feeding them. Remove any obvious sources of food and procure all outside waste containers to get rid of stray cats.

• Seal up any spaces that a feral cat may see as an attractive nesting area. Some of their preferred places to create homes are underneath decks, sheds, foundations, and barns.

• Contact your local animal control center and leave it to them to get rid of stray cats.

• Purchase a trap and seize the cat yourself. You may then drop it off at a shelter or release it far (at the least 10 miles) away out of your dwelling. Be VERY careful when dealing with a trapped feral cat as they can be VERY nasty! Please also be aware that releasing the cat elsewhere won’t resolve the problem – only move it…

• Extract the oil of a few dozen with the hottest peppers you can find (or use pepper spray), and apply it liberally towards the areas that the cats frequent the most. The notion to let the cats come into touch with the spicy formulation so once they go to groom themselves they get a spicy surprise. Soon after a few tastes they will begin to stay away – this may need to be repeated frequently before the results are long lasting.
get rid of stray cats

Get a dog massive enough to discourage any cats from venturing close to your property. In the event you go this route, make sure that you obtain the pooch immunized just in case he gets into a battle! Find out how you can decide on a puppy breed that is best to get rid of stray cats.

Tips to get rid of stray cats

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